Àngel Jové

Àngel Jové

Àngel Jové was born in 1940 in Lleida. He is an artist who has shown an uncommon freedom in the world of design, which he was introduced to by Santiago Roqueta. He is considered one of the most representative pioneers of conceptual art in Spain, as well as being a movie and television star.

Although initially Jové was not involved in the world of design, he was introduced to it by Santiago Roqueta when they were commissioned to design the interior of the Sala Zeleste in Barcelona. This project resulted in the creation of the Babel and Zeleste table lamps, both of which are tributes to alabaster, a material prone to picturesqueness and vulgarity, yet with a vast wealth of expressive possibilities. Both lamps made an extraordinary impression at the time, one that has not diminished over the years. A courageous rehabilitation of alabaster for the new democratic bourgeoisie, and at the same time, a manifesto of industrial Arte Povera.

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Babel - Santa & Cole - Àngel Jové - Furniture by Designcollectors

Babel Santa & Cole

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