10 Ultimate Storage Solutions

- S U R P R I S I N G  S T O R A G E -

People collect a lot throughout their lives. But where and how do we store all our stuff? We have made a selection of 10 surprising storage solutions for you.

Eames Storage Unit by Vitra

Tupla Wall Hook

Rayonnage Mural

Kaari Shelf


Create your own design library with the Eames Storage Unit by Vitra. The ESU is available as a simple shelf or as a large, spacious bookcase. The colored panels of both units are carefully coordinated to match the EDU Desk.


Rayonnage Jean Prouvé is the iconic shelving system designed by French architect Jean Prouvé. Its minimalist yet robust design, blending metal and wood in a modular fashion, reflects Prouvé's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. This timeless and versatile shelving remains a classic representation of Prouvé's influential design principles.


Solid, transparent and timeless - these are most likely the adjectives that best describe this design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The Artek Kaari Shelf Collection offers you loads of storage space and the combination of wood, black linoleum and steel creates a timeless design. You can combine the shelves with a spacious work surface (desk) as well.


The Corniches Wall Shelves arose from the need for small storage spaces to spontaneously keep items. "The same way that we hang our beach towel on a rock jutting from a cliff before diving into the sea, we need small storage spaces in everyday life, too", explains Ronan Bouroullec. And this is the reason that Corniches are neither regular shelves nor simple horizontal surfaces, but rather individual, isolated protrusions in the environments that we create. Whether as a key rack beside the front door, a spot to put the soap dispenser in the bathroom, as a pedestal for a small collection of objects or as a large installation, Corniches are a new way to use the wall in your living space.

B17 Library Pierre Chapo


Hang It All


A hook is a storage fundamental, a simple tool for hanging objects on the wall. Some wall hooks can also be ornaments, decorative details that add beauty where they are hung. The Tupla Wall Hook is just such a hook; its twin loops – Tupla means “double” in Finnish – are as lyrical as they are functional. Made of die-cast zinc, the hook has the air of a line drawing brought into three dimensions, a simple sketch, translated into space.


The Toolbox by Arik Levy is designed as a practical organisational utensil for storing accessories and small items. Thanks to its handy size, it can be easily stowed in a cabinet or on a shelf, and it takes up little room on a table.


Keep your keys, pens and other small stuff handy at all times with the Uten.Silo. Thanks to the various storage compartments, hooks and clamps, you can create order in a stylish way. The Uten.Silo fits in everywhere: at the office, in the kitchen, your workshop or in a kid's room.


Don't just call the Vitra Hang it all a coat rack. Designed in 1953 by Ray Eames, it was designed with colourful wooden spheres instead of the traditional hooks. It is very functional and at the same time attractive for kids, who can use it to hang their jackets, schoolbags, scarves, toys and much more. So very playful that it would be a pity to use it just in a children's room...



Credenza by Florence Knoll

Vitra Toolbox


O-Tidy is a useful, versatile storage container. The design not only offers a tray and cup function but also combines their simple shapes into a new, perfectly proportioned object.


When Florence Knoll revolutionized private office design by replacing the typical executive desk with a table desk, she needed a place for all the filing and storage that had traditionally lived in desk drawers. Her solution, executed in typical Florence Knoll elegance, was the low credenza. “I did it because I needed the piece of furniture for a job and it wasn’t there, so I designed it.” Perfectly proportioned and immaculately detailed, the design embodies Florence Knoll’s adherence to the teachings of her favorite mentor, Mies van der Rohe.

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