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Ilse Crawford

The Wellbeing collection uses hand-spun Afghan wool, nettle, jute, linen, Tussar silk and cork, wood, raw wool and raw cotton. Carefully sourced by the team at Nanimarquina using traditional craft techniques and local artisans with whom Nanimarquina has long collaborated.

The collaboration between nanimarquina and Ilse Crawford began in 2017. The criteria set for the collection included natural, sustainable and local fibres, hand-spun, without bleach and dyes. These requirements prompted the Nanimarquina team to embark on a deep research process and work with a wide variety of materials, leading to a conscious, human-centred, sensory and beautiful result. All applied innovations have represented a step forward in Nanimarquina's knowledge of carpet making.


dimensions Wellbeing - Nettle dhurrie (200x 300 cm) - Nanimarquina - Ilse Crawford - Rugs & Poufs - Furniture by Designcollectors

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