Ferran Freixa Jové

Ferran Freixa Jové

Ferran Freixa Jové was born on 20 October 1922 in Menarguens (Lleida). In 1947 he took a surveying course in Barcelona. He began teaching drawing at the Municipal Vocational Training School of Barcelona in 1950. He worked on many projects with architects including Martinell, Bonet Garí, Bonet-Armengol, Sostres and others. In 1959 he created Best-Form to edit Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari-Hardoy's famous BKF iron and leather armchair (1939) in Spain, as well as his own designs. In 1961 he won the first Gold Delta awarded by ADI-FAD for the N-4 lamp in the Nagoya series, which was followed in 1962 with the Silver Delta for one of his wall lamps. Freixa joined ADI-FAD in December 1967 as a design partner.

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Nagoya Wood Pendant Lamp - Santa & Cole - Ferran Freixa Jové - Furniture by Designcollectors

Nagoya Wood Pendant Lamp Santa & Cole

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