Morten Gøttler

Morten Gøttler

Born in Copenhagen and originally trained in shipping, Morten Gøttler became a self-taught designer and architect recognized for his exceptional understanding of wood. After working with product development and design for a number of companies, Morten Gøttler (b. 1944) opened his own design studio in 1972. He has since worked in a wide range of genres, including domestic art, packaging, toys, graphics and lighting for Danish and international companies. In 1984, Gøttler decided to focus primarily on furniture design, using an approach rooted in the modern Scandinavian design tradition and the strong belief that innovation is the foundation for successful design. Gøttler’s clean, easy aesthetic characterized by well-thought-out form, exquisite comfort, and close attention to detail are all brought to life using high-quality materials.

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MG501 Cuba Chair Outdoor - natural Teak - Carl Hansen & Son - Morten Gøttler - Furniture by Designcollectors

MG501 Cuba Chair Outdoor - natural Teak Carl Hansen & Son

839,74 €
(694,00 € excl.VAT*)

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