Rafael Marquina

Rafael Marquina

Rafael Marquina, a renowned designer and architect based in Barcelona (1921-2013), gained fame for his innovative non-drip oil and vinegar cruet design, earning him the Golden Delta (ADI-FAD) award for best industrial design in 1961. His career spanned various design disciplines, including interior design, furniture design, and collaboration with prominent architects. Marquina's iconic non-drip oil cruets from 1961 are celebrated in the history of industrial design and continue to be produced by nanimarquina since 2018. He is considered a pioneer in Spanish industrial design, with a diverse portfolio, including architectural projects, sculptures, and journalistic contributions. In 2012, he received the National Design Award and the Creu de Sant Jordi (St. George's Cross).

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Oil Cruet Marquina - Nanimarquina - Rafael Marquina - Furniture by Designcollectors

Oil Cruet Marquina Nanimarquina

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