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vitra Kast 2 HU (File Height) designed by Maarten van Severen

Kast 2 HU (File Height) - vitra - Maarten van Severen - Opbergen - Furniture by Designcollectors
Kast 2 HU (File Height) - vitra - Maarten van Severen - Opbergen - Furniture by Designcollectors

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Ontworpen door Maarten van Severen in 2005

A key theme in the oeuvre of Maarten Van Severen is storage furniture, be it shelves, cupboards or sideboards. The design for Kast, which Van Severen worked on during the last few months of his life, can be considered the quintessence of his exploration of the subject. Kast is a storage unit that is modular in structure, the base version of which is a sideboard. Supplemented by two simple wooden crates and a further basic module, a shelf/wall cupboard combination arises. Van Severen paid special attention to the colour for the sliding doors, which not only emphasise Kast's elegant and yet seemingly classical proportions, but also give it a fresh and optimistic sense.

art. nr. 21301001

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