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Artek Armchair 400 "Tank" designed by Alvar Aalto


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Armchair 400
Armchair 400
Armchair 400
Armchair 400
Armchair 400
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Alvar Aalto in 1936

As voluminous as it is comfortable, Armchair 400 was created by Alvar Aalto in 1936 for an exhibition at the Milan Triennale, where it was promptly awarded a prize. The chair owes its nickname “Tank” to its distinctive wide and sturdy armrests made of form-bent birch lamella and to its robust upholstery. The springy cantilevered frame offers a flexible, comfortable seat. A favourite since the 1930s, Armchair 400 remains effortlessly modern and can be upholstered in any material.


dimensions Armchair 400

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  • Armchair 400 "Tank"

    Natural Lacquered, Fabric: F2 Tonus, 135

    Armchair 400

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