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Alphabet blocks



Alphabet blocks


Wood figurines
  • Beech

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Alphabet blocks  - Designcollectors.comAlphabet blocks , Beech by
Kay Bojesen
€ 79,00


Designer Kay Bojesen Year 1950

Kay Bojesen’s blockbusters

Give a toy to learn from Kay Bojesen was himself a childish soul and a big kid, and he loved generating ideas in children’s imaginations. In the 1950s, he originally created his alphabet blocks for Danish schools. Now they are back in production for the benefit of younger children who need to learn the alphabet, for slightly older children who need to learn to spell and for adults who want to play the s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g g-a-m-e. This is a gift that will be passed down the generations.

Colour Beech.

Height: 27 cm

Width 10.5 cm

Depth 10 cm

Please note: Beech.

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