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Art. nr. : 214


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Thonet 214



Thonet 214


Colour Thonet
  • TP17: Natural Wood
  • TP107: Faded Wood
  • TP34: Mahogany
  • TP24: Walnut
  • TP44: Cherry Tree
  • TP89: Dark Brown
  • Acc. to RAL1012: Yellow
  • Acc. to RAL6003: Olive Green
  • Acc. to RAL3007: Black Red
  • Acc. to RAL7021: Black Grey
  • TP29: Black
  • White Pigmented


Seat 214
  • Cane Work seat and Supporting Plastic Mesh
  • Cane Work
  • Moulded Plywood Seat
Wood: Beech 214
  • Beech

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Thonet 214 - Designcollectors.comThonet 214, Beech, Cane Work, TP17: Natural Wood by
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Thonet 214 - Designcollectors.comThonet 214, Beech, Cane Work, TP29: Black by
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Designer Thonet Year 1859

The famous coffee house chair is an icon

The famous coffee house chair is an icon and considered the most successful mass produced product in the world to date: it initiated the history of modern furniture. The basis was a new technique - the bending of solid wood - that Michael Thonet developed and perfected during the 1850s and it was the first time serial furniture production was possible. Added was an ingenious distribution model: 36 disassembled chairs could be packed into a one cubic meter box, shipped throughout the world, and then assembled on site. With its clear, reduced aesthetics this classic has been placed in the most diverse environments for more than 150 years. It is produced in our Frankenberg facility.

Without armrests, open back or backrest (215). Seat and backrest with wicker* or covered with leather or fabric. Seat also available as molded plywood seat. All wooden parts in stained beech.

*For seats that will receive heavy use, a transparent plastic mesh is available for mounting beneath the wicker.

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