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Artek 41 Armchair "Paimio"



Artek 41 Armchair "Paimio"


Artek 41 Armchair Paimio Dimensions


Artek 41
  • Seat White Lacquered
  • Seat Black Lacquered

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Artek 41 Armchair Paimio - Designcollectors.comArtek 41 Armchair "Paimio", Seat Black Lacquered by
Alvar Aalto
€ 3.265,79


Designer Alvar Aalto Year 1931-32

With the Paimio Armchair the finnish Architect and designer Alvar Aalto succeeded in finding the perfect balance between abstraction, tradition and natural influence.

The Paimio Armchair was drafted in 1931 and is one of the most established designer articles of Alvar Aalto, who designed this "Architecture Accessories" as he called his own furniture, for the lung clinic lounges he planned, in Paimio in southwest Finland. The ergonomic and design revolutionary armchair allowed the lung clinic patients an optimal sitting posture, in which they could breathe easily and also enjoy the warming sun. The comfortable armchair fast became the figurehead of the clinic, which is why it is still worldwide known by its name Paimio.

The Artek Company produces the Paimio Armchair of birch veneer. What makes this chair special is its sitting and backrest form in one piece, which gives a simple but extremely expressive drawn-line to the armchair, and gives a waveform impression to the room.

As organic basic forms, waves can be found in many of Alvar Aaltos works, whether it be his well known glass vase for Ittala, his buildings or just his furniture. It is not by accident that Alvar Aalto is deemed to be the one of the most important organic architecture and design representatives. Thereby he preferred to work with wood, letting nature and the environment specialities enter his oeuvre.

Artek offers white or black painted seat Paimio Armchairs.

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